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Todd Credaroli

I recently purchased a home on a couple of acres, and quickly realized I could really use a small tractor. I did a lot of research online on different makes and models. I found that Hobby Tractors had a few of the models I was considering. I stopped and talked to them a few times, and they always happily answered my questions. I shopped a few other dealers, out of state and in. I quickly found that they had a great price and very personal service.
I ended up purchasing an LS MT1 25 with a backhoe from them. I have owned the tractor for over a month now, and I have put over 60 wood posts in the ground, levelled an area for a riding arena, spread 21 tons of gravel and moved and spread over 108 tons sand into the barn, corrals and arena.
The tractor and staff from Hobby Tractors has exceeded my expectations. I will recommend them to everyone.
- Todd Credaroli -


I was very happy with hobby tractors. We purchased our first tractor from scott so we had a ton of questions, he was more than willing to answer all of them. He also went out of his way to help me cut the driveshaft for the tiller we purchased with the tractor. Thanks again scott. We will definitely be back.


One on one service, very friendly, and the best deal in Utah! They not only helped us get every implement we wanted for our new Branson, but delivered it to our home in Tremonton. No pressure sales, just honest people helping us find the right tractor for our small homestead. 5 stars for sure!!!


Phenomenal customer service and Knowledge of what they are selling. These guys were great to work with and can get you anything you need as far as tractors and implements they will definitely be my resource for purchasing.


I was looking for a new aerating machine and called and spoke to Lance who went out of his way to help me find the right machine and got me all set up. So nice to have a local small business take such great care of me. Definitely go visit and see what they can do for you.



I bought my new red Branson tractor and many implements from Hobby Tractors 10 years ago. They have always provided great advise and customer service in that time.

When I first visited their location in Pleasant Grove, the place was buzzing with activity on a Saturday. There were many equipment choices and they answered all my questions with honesty and solid, practical advise which included "I don't know..... but I'll find out" type of attitude and they service what they sell.
I believe my investment with them over the years has been some of the best money I've ever spent! I highly recommend Hobby Tractors.


I had such a great experience here! I stopped in to talk to Lance and told him exactly what my needs were. He was able to go out and find the exact tractor I needed! I also purchased a brand new riding lawnmower from him as well. His customer service was absolutely amazing and his prices were unbeatable. He delivered both to my house and took the time to teach me how to use each piece and how to get my land in great shape. I highly recommend this location to anybody!!!


First I don't work here and this is not paid. I have to say the because I am about to write the most glowing review of Hobby tractors and Branson that will make it seem as though I do. I traditionally only post negative reviews because now a day's customers seem to come last. But not at Hobby. This guy's mean it when they say they will take care of you. Not only will you find the best price here (could have spent 8k more for a lesser HP tractor without half the perks from an orange dealership) but the service is second to none.

I had a minor issue with my tractor that I purchased not only did they come an hour up to where I live THE SAME DAY in a snow storm. They took the tractor with them and dropped everything to fix it and brought it back the very next day. They were amazing! Every forum you will read online will talk about arrive being the most important part of buying a tractor well you can buy with confidence from Hobby. They will be there for you. As a first time tractor owner I am thrilled with they confidence they have instilled.

Now let's talk about the tractors they sell. I bought a Branson fro. Them and here is why. The tractor I bought has a cab, 35 HP, front end loader, and 7' backhoe. I went to an orange dealership to compare. The orange deal told me how reliable they were how they never have issues and then proceeded to walk me through what they called a "tractor graveyard" to show me the tractor they recommend. WHAT!! Then the individual showed me a tractor that was 39 HP without a cab or backhoe, without the list of features that the Branson had for 8k more. He talked about how busy they were and how busy their maintenance team was.......no joke. He was selling me a name not a tractor. I am sooooooo happy with my tractor. I am at 8k feet and it is performing incredibly. I can't imagine if I was at a lower elevator how powerful this tractor would be. The team at Hobby even modified the tractor for my elevation where the orange deal just said you will likely have bring it in once a year to assure it can perform at that elevation or buy an even high HP tractor.


I live in Nevada, the customer service that lance gave me was out of this world. So awesome to deal with. When lance and his son delivered my tractor to me they went over everything. Such an easy processes to get financing done. Great people